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Dear witch, Dear wizard

I present here some pictures taken during the superb event organised to raise the funds for Pendle Hospice
and to beat the Guinness Record.
If you find here your pictures which you think are too personal or simply you do not want them to be presented
here - let me know please.Take my appologies and I promise I will delete them from this presentation.

If you want to get pictures you are in to put them into your witch familly album let me know too-there is a number of a picture (syg.400witchxxx) under the thumbnails.
I will send you full resolution file (jpg)
I can not resist and I have to say it -
I have never seen so many beautiful,happy and smiling witches in one place for all my live.
It was great pleasure to be there !!!!

I hope you will enjoy this mysterious world of Witches seen through my lens . . . .

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